Training Program Planning and Implementation

Having the right strategy to reach your companies goals is the key to a successful training & development program. However, companies often don’t have time to structure content and build a measurable model with goal & objective metrics.


We conduct an in-depth process analyses and develop the required learning and associated actions for change models. Call on our experience and know-how to achieve your company goals.


Our services at a glance:


  • Creating a Mobile First Omni-Channel business plan for retailers and manufacturers 
  • Sales & Marketing client defined learner experience
  • Strategic company and client Brand and Mission-based personalized content.
  • Product and Sales Training resource library On-Demand
  • Project planning, management,training and testing

Our Training Programs

Mobile First trainings provided by our team of experts using SellPro Micro Messaging Techniques.

Pre-Training Assesment

Take part in a creative group that discuss employee strengths, performance opportunities, existing barriers to engagement. Build hands-on exercises on the Who, What, Where, Why and How techniques to obtain a measurable outcome.

Content & Platform Design

Gain expertise in Micro-Messaging at Retail. Asking questions to understand how to present value to your audience is key. Demonstration trumps Discussion


Make your delivery personal and fun. Impress your audience with your unique and creative results. Understand and practice the end to end process of educational based engagement

Program Implementation considers product education segmented based on the product life cycle stages of the product, market conditions, and where the shopper is in their purchase journey

Top Down supported programs require multiple stake holder engagement

Who to contact:

Mac McWeeney Agency, Inc 954 540 8711