The Client


  • Manufacturers & Retailers Product
  • Brand Education & Marketing
  • Internal and External Training & Social Media messaging
  • Consumer electronics
  • Major Appliances
  • WirelessProducts and Accessory's
  • Home automation \ Home appliances
  • Energy Saving products and Solutions​

“SellPro is vital. We use it for our in-house training materials deployment tool for 1,500+ field reps across the US. When we need to reach sales associates about new products or new services we’re offering, we can quickly and easily create a course in SellPro which we know will reach thousands of users in the palm of their hand,” ~Alex Botham, manager of the HP Consumer training organization for the America’s Region.




Typical client solutions

  • Marketing, Educational Outreach 
  • Multi-retailer product presence -
  • Multiple SKUs per retailer -
  • Competitive product differenciation message
  • Dependent on SA recommendation