SellPro is a mobile-first incentivized learning platform empowering brands to maximize training results and to invigorate engagement. To get consumers obsessed with your brand, you need to get into the mind of the sales associate first. With SellPro, micro-learning drives mindshare and content retention. No one likes to drink from a firehose.


Typical sales Associate 

  • 18-26 year old
  •  70% male
  •  Open-minded
  •  Competitive/frequent gamer
  •  Tech-savvy 
  •  App-savvy
  •  Active on social media
  •  Most computing use is on phone or tablet,  not on PC
  •  Low to medium product-specific knowledge - Short attention span 

In-store environment

  •  Disruptive
  •  Multiple sku’s and product categories
  •  Poor wireless/Wi-Fi coverage
  •  Relatively high SA turnover 


"The events and product knowledge is what makes SellPro one of the best value in terms of time spent that I have ever had. Win some good prizes and be among the best in terms of product knowledge make it amazing. You will love how easy it is to shop for electronics and your bosses will love how knowledgeable you are.“ ~ Joshua Cooper / Sales Associate