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 MAC MCWEENEY AGENCY, Inc.Educationally Based Sales & Marketing Programs & Solutions954.540.8711 

 Client Recommendations 

Manager Marketing & Outreach at Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE)

"Mac's support of the retail channel on behalf of the Energy Upgrade California was critical to the success of the program. His vast expertise and knowledge based on "real world" experience from the retail, manufacturer and agency side of the business were invaluable. His ability to source, build and nurture retail, manufacture and key partner relationships is a "skill set" few people understand or are willing to deliver in today’s fast-paced business environment. It was a  pleasure working with him! " Mitch M.

"Mac was the third party labor Account Director for me while I was the U.S. Field Operations Manager for Sony's Consumer Sales Division. He is a great business development manager with exceptional interpersonal skills. He is very well connected; he knows how to get the job done with limited resources and budget. I always appreciated his "can do" attitude."Brad I.

"Mac is the go-to guy for all things retail with BDS marketing. I highly recommend Mac if you are looking for ways to gain differentiation on the retail floor. Mac is the lead architect in the design of programs that drive measurable results with a strong ROI."

"Mac is perhaps the best 'partner' I've ever worked with on any project. He has a deep knowledge of his products and is extremely creative in their applications. He is a relationship person, and always has his client's interests at heart, delivering what is promised."Robin L.